Le Mans Cathedral 'Triforium' Windows - Summary Index (use the floorplan for clerestory windows)

Click on a photograph to open the detailed key in a new window, or click on the caption beneath to open the detailed key in this window. NB, the windows are arranged here in sequence from the far left (north side) of the ambulatory to the far right. This means that each preview below is seen alongside its correct neighbours.

Note also that the windows of the hemicycle bays are partly obscured by columns from almost any position except the very centre of the liturgical choir (where I was unable to go) so many of these overview shots are composite images taken from different locations, hence the partial occlusions and clipped lancet tops. Rather annoyingly I somehow completely missed the right-hand light of the axial window (Bay 100), which contains a large image of St Gervasius, mirroring that of St Protasius in the left-hand light.



109 107


101 100



108 110