Bay 206 - Three Bishop-Saints of Mans with donors ("LE VERRIERE ECCLES")

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Summary of Panels:

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A1 - Donors (a cleric and a layman)
A2 - Local bishop saint (Romanus ?)

B1 - Donor (Cleric)
B2 - Local bishop saint (Liborius ?)

C1 - Donors (group of 3 scribes)
C2 - Local bishop saint (Hadoindus ?)

D - Angel blowing trumpet
E - Angel blowing trumpet
[F-G souls of the blessed rising from their tombs (not photographed)]
H - Christ at the Last Judgement

This window (which was heavily restored in the 19th C) was a donation of the cathedral chapter and continues the sequence of bishop-saints from 204 - the identifications above are purely speculative and based solely on the sequence given in the Gesta domni aldrici. All three figures use the same cartoon, which helps to accentuate the other-worldly, hieratic quality of these bishop-saints.

it is generally agreed that this window was gift of the cathedral chapter. The only titulus is along the top of B1; "LE VERRIERE ECCLES".