Bay 204 - Saints Turibius & Pavatius with donors

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A1 - Unknown bourgeois donor
A2 - St Pavatius (2nd Bishop of Mans)

B1 - Unknown bourgeois donor
B2 - St Turibius (3rd Bishop of Mans)

[upper parts (not shown here) filled with 19th century mosaic and vegetal work]

According to the Gesta domni aldrici (compiled c.850), the two bishop-saints commemorated here were companions of St Julian, the first Bishop of Mans and succeeded him in office. The dates given by Aldric are however nonsensical and as historical figures (rather than subjects of hagiography) it is unlikely that either of these two Bishops predated the late 5th century.

The two donors, both shown in typical bourgeois dress, remain unidentified. The apparently clear-cut tituli were completely redone in the 19th century restoration. In Hucher's day, the titulus of A1 was completely unreadable and all he could make out of B1 was "GA---US DE PO---", from which he deduced "Geoffrey de Poncé". CVMA follows Ledru in proposing "Gautier de Poillé".