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Panel C5 - During another famine, Nicholas stops a passing grain ship (left panel of pair)
Another well known miracle of St Nicholas, one which fits into the Old Testament topos of the 'undiminishing supply' (e.g. Elijah and the Widow of Sarepta with her handful of flour and oil). During a particularly bad famine, Nicholas asked one of the passing granary ships to pull in and unload some of their grain. The captain explained that their cargo was destined for the imperial granaries in Constantinople, that it had been weighed and sealed before departure from Alexandria and that it it were at all short on delivery, his life and the lives of his crew would be forfeit. Nicholas told him not to worry but to unload one tenth of his grain there and then. The captain complied and to everyone's amazement, on reaching their destination the cargo was found to be intact and undiminished. Furthermore, the grain given to Nicholas lasted his city through several years of famine without ever running short.