- Photographs by Stuart Whatling  
Spandrel 07 - the centaur

Poitiers Cathedral
The Choir Stalls

(carved from oak, c.1250)

Spandrel 16 - killing a hog

The photo below is of the northern side of the stalls (left as one faces east), showing the position of the carved spandrels. For reference I have numbered the spandrels starting from the eastern end, with odd numbers on the left (north) and even numbers on the right (south) as one faces east. This may seem an odd way of doing things but it matches the standard French method of numbering window bays, on which I am trying to standardise wherever possible.

In the list below, click on the caption to view the detail in this window, or click on the thumbnail image to open the detail photo in a new window. Numbering begins at the east end with odd numbers to the north and evens to the south. Note that the links are to 800 pixel high jpeg files; you may need to maximise browser windows or click the image to see it full size.

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North-side stalls
 South-side stalls
01 - Angel bearing crown (half spandrel)
02 - Angel bearing crown (half spandrel)
03 - Pair of babwyns (one with man's cowled head) turning to face each other
04 - Lion and dragon fighting
05 - Angel holding two crowns
06 - Angel holding two crowns
07 - Sagittarius / centaur firing his bow
08 - Double ended dog-like creature
09 - Angel holding two crowns
10 - Angel holding two crowns
11 - A griffin (mythical beast with the head and wings of an eagle on the body of a lion)
12 - Pair of wrestlers
13 - Angel holding two crowns
14 - Angel holding two crowns
15 - Phoenix rising from the flames
16 - Butcher killing a hog with the back of an axe (note the ham hanging behind him)
17 - Angel holding two crowns
18 - Angel holding two crowns
19 - Green man / foliage mask
20 - An architect with his tools (level, square and compasses)
21 - Angel holding two crowns
22 - Angel holding two crowns
23 - Pair of dragons
24 - Female miser with her hoarded money
25 - Angel holding two crowns
26 - Angel holding two crowns
27 - Staring head of a bearded man in a tight-fitting hood, emerging from background of ivy-leaves
28 - Rider tumbling from his horse (personification of pride)
29 - Angel holding two crowns
30 - Angel holding two crowns
31 - Cat with a mouse in its jaws
32 - ? Angel whispering into the ear of a man cutting bread ?
33 - Angel holding two crowns
34 - Angel holding two crowns
35 - A bat with its wings spread-eagled
36 - A Cockatrice
37 - Seated woman and child (later repair?) placed over effaced figure of angel holding two crowns
38 - Angel holding two crowns
39 - A Cockerel
40 - Young man feeding an apple to a small dragon-like creature
41 - Angel bearing crown (half spandrel)
42 - Angel bearing crown (half spandrel)