- Photographs by Stuart Whatling


Medieval Art & Architecture in Saxony

The Courtauld Institute & Harvard University Doctoral Students Trip, 2007

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Day 6 - Meissen Dom Interior (click here for exterior, including towers and roofspace)

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Nave looking east

North aisle looking west

Nave looking west

Dombaumeister Günther Donath & Prof. Hambuger

Eastern chapel

Eastern chapel apse

Eastern chapel sexpartite vault

Axial window

Axial window - top

Lower (Eucharistic typology / prophets / Passion)

Middle section

Upper section

Eastern screen from choir

Canopies over stalls

Stall canopies from above

Rear of eastern screen

Mason's drawings of coursed window respond template

One of the responds corresponding to the drawing

Founder figures



Titular saints

St John the Evangelist

Saint Donatus

Figure of St Basil from choir screen

Gables on choir screen

Choir screen from west

Figure of John the Baptist

Madonna and Child

Vaults over the crossing

Stone cut with dovetail slot for lifting irons

Lifting irons (Lewis) in position

Chris demonstrating the Lewis

Western chapel vault

Western chapel vault

Western chapel vault

Last judgement portal

Last judgement portal

Nativity, Epiphany & Coronation in tympanum


Madonna & Child

Crockets on vault springers

Monkeys holding escutcheon beneath magus

Western chapel vault

Foliate capitals

Left hand side of judgement portal

The dead arising on judgement day

Judgement portal

Right hand side of judgement portal

The dead arising on judgement day

Diamond vaults in the crypt