- Photographs by Stuart Whatling

Eastern Germany - Summer 2007 Courtauld / Harvard Trip


At the end of May and beginning of June 2007, a small group of medievalists from the Courtauld Institute joined Professor Hamburger and his doctoral students from Harvard on a whirlwind six-day tour of medieval churches in eastern Germany. Despite a degree of culture shock, it was a great learning experience and much fun was had by all.

It has taken me a little while to sort out my photographs from that trip and because I didn't take my tripod, they ain't exactly great images - but such as they are, here they are... As with all my images, please feel free to use these photographs for any legitimate academic purpose.

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I would just like to thank Professor Hamburger and his colleagues and students for allowing us Brits to gate-crash their party - and also to thank the Courtauld Insitute's Research Forum for their financial assistance.

To view thumbnail indices, click one of the towns on the map or scroll down for a list of the places we visited (not all are on-line yet). Please note that because I'm a bit pushed for time at the moment, I haven't made proper web pages for each image - when you click on a thumbnail it will open the JPEG image on its own - just use your browser's "Back" button (or the backspace key in Windows) to get back to the index.



29/05/2007 - Magdeburg

30/05/2007 - Halberstadt (Dom & Liebfrauenkirche), Quedlinburg (St Servatus), Gernrode (St Cyriakus)

31/05/2007 - Naumburg (Dom), Pforta (Cistercian Church)

01/06/2007 - Annaberg, Wechselburg, Geithain, Rochlitz

02/06/2007 - Freiberg, Pirna Marienkirche

03/06/2007 - Meissen