Bay 14 - Life and miracles of St Nicholas (II)

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Panel 20 - A Jew beats an image of St Nicholas for not protecting his money

 © Stuart Whatling, 2008

In yet another story from the Golden Legend, a different Jewish merchant, hearing about the saint's power, sets up a statue of Nicholas in his house. Whenever he has to leave home he orders the statue to guard his house, threatening it with a beating if any harm should befall his goods. Coming home from one trip to find he has been burgled, he carries out his threat, beating the statue. The saint then appears to the robbers as they are dividing up the loot, complaining that he is being beaten on their behalf and ordering them to return the stolen goods forthwith. They do as commanded, returning all his property to the Jew and telling him about their vision. Moved by this miracle, the theives mend their ways and the Jew converts.