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Panel 23 - A crook swears by St Nicholas that he will return a money-lender's gold
Panel 23 -
A man borrows money from a Jewish money-lender and swears before an image of St Nicholas that he will place the borrowed sum plus interest into the Jew's hands by an agreed date. The Golden Legend's version of the story is worth quoting in full;

A man had borrowed some money from a Jew, giving him his oath on the altar of Saint Nicholas that he would repay it as soon as possible. As he was slow in paying, the Jew demanded his money, but the man declared that he had already repaid it. He was summoned before the judge, who order him to swear that he had paid his debt. However the man had put the money in a hollow staff, and before giving his oath he asked the Jew to hold the staff for him. He then swore that he had returned the money and more besides, and took back his staff: the Jew handed it over all unaware of the ruse. On his way home the dishonest fellow fell asleep by the roadside, and a coach, coming along at high speed, ran over him and killed him, also breaking open the staff and spilling the money. Being informed of this, the Jew hurried to the spot and saw through the trick; but, though the bystanders urged him to pick up his money, he refused unless the dead man were restored to life by the merits of Saint Nicholas, in which case he himself would become a Christian and accept baptism. At once the dead man was revived, and the Jew was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ.

(from the excellent 1993 Princeton edition of the Golden Legend, trans. William Granger Ryan, Vol.1 p.25)
This panel shows the would-be swindler swearing his oath before an image of St Nicholas. The story continues in panel 21.