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Panel 03 - Signature panel (the butcher's market stall)
One of the most animated of the Chartres 'trade scenes', with a wealth of incidental detail. Although this window is on the north side of the nave, the butcher's stalls were originally located outside the south transept - the Bishops of Chartres, whose palace was to the North of the building, seem to have arranged things so that the noisier and smellier trades practiced in the cathedral precincts took place to its south!

On the right is a customer, pointing out which cuts he wants. In the centre is the butcher's assistant, standing in front of a pig's carcass hanging from a gambrel hook. He holds a pointed triangular-bladed knife with a scroll detail at the end of its handle. To his right (possibly suspended from his belt or resting on the table) is a red quiver holding three more such knives (the punched decoration on the quiver suggests cuir bouilli). At the left of the table is the butcher himself, seemingly engaged in negotiation with his customer. The small group of white circles by his foot are coins (one can just see the distinctive cross-marks - a feature of pennies, or their equivalents, throughout medieval Europe). On the table are a cloth and another knife, a calf's head, a saddle joint and a hind leg.

The heads of both butchers are later replacements - otherwise the panel looks largely original.