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Panel 13 - Citizens of Tours debating the election of their new bishop

The identification of these two figures, one of whom seems to be trying to persuade his companion of something, is unclear, however, Chapter IX of Sulpicius, which describes the circumstances surrounding Martin's selection as Bishop of Tours, may be of some help. He tells how the people of that town assembled in great numbers lined the road from Poitiers to Tours as they came to give their votes (implying that the congregation had some say in the choice of their bishop). He also goes on to say that;

A few persons ... were impiously offering resistance, asserting forsooth that Martin's person was contemptible, that he was unworthy of the episcopate, that he was a man despicable in countenance, that his clothing was mean, and his hair disgusting. This madness of theirs was ridiculed by people of sounder judgement, inasmuch as such objectors only proclaimed the illustrious character of the man, while they sought to slander him.

The apparent disagreement and the obvious rural setting both here and in panel 15 would appear to be the artist's attempt to render these details as the context for Martin's ordination in the panel 14.