Bay 23 - The Parable of Dives and Lazarus

Panel 06 - Christ warning the rich man


This episode does not occur in the NT version of the parable of the rich man and Lazarus but comes instead from a similitude concerning covetousness in Luke 12:16-21. Luke 12:20; "...hac nocte animam tuam repetunt a te quae autem parasti cuius erunt", which has been used for the lengthy titulus, albeit with the substitution of tollere (to steal/to to take away) for repetere (to claim/to take back). [I need to check earlier versions of the Vulgate on this one - the 'tolletur' formulation is, incidentally, used verbatim in the Golden Legend life of St Sylvester for his warning to Tarquin.]

(1 - upper); "HAC NOCT/E ANIMA TVA T/OLLETVR A TE" ("this night your soul will be taken from you") -
(2 - lower, partly cropped in photo); "QVAE PARASTI : CVIVS ERVNT" ("whose will be these things then?")

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