Bay 22 - The Life of St John the Evangelist

Panel 16 - John resurrecting the newly-wedded man (see below)

Although this scene is identified by Clement & Guitard as the more commonly depicted episode of John raising the woman Drusiana, the erstwhile corpse shown here very clearly has a beard (compare with the equivalent window at Chartres, which clearly is Drusiana). This suggests that it shows the later episode recorded in the Golden Legend, where John revives a young man who had been married a month earlier. Though this is a far less common scene, it does form the postscript to John's discourse against riches following the story shown in panels 13-14. John commands the revived man to tell the two men from panels 13-14 what they would be surrendering in choosing the riches of the world over the riches of heaven and they subsequently repent their weakness.



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