Bay 16 - St Thomas the Apostle in India

Panel 01 - Signature panel (Stonemason)

The mason is shown dressed in a long red tunic, gathered at the waist, rather than a peasant's knee-length smock. Around his hair is an elegant circlet (see detail below).
He is shown using the pointed end of an axe to dress what looks like a half-shaft or section of wall-moulding with two attached 3/4 section colonnettes (note the toothed blade at the other end of the axe-head). Also shown are his set-square(left) and rule (right).

The choice of St Thomas as subject for a window sponsored by the stone-masons is an obvious one - in the Golden Legend version story of his visit to India, Thomas is introduced to the Indian King's provost by Christ as "a man learned in the architectural arts" (and is sent to India ostensibly to build the King "a palace in the Roman style").


Restoration notes: