Bay 15 - The relics of St Stephen

Panel 12 - A widow, Juliana, claiming the saint's body by mistake

According to the Golden Legend; "Alexander, a senator of Constantinople, went to Jerusalem with his wife and built a beautiful oratory in honour of Stephen the Protomartyr, stipulating that when he died, he was to be buried beside the saint. Seven years after his death Juliana, his wife, decided to return to her own homeland because some prominent men had treated her badly. She wanted to take her husbands remains with her and sought the bishop's permission. The bishop placed two silver coffins in front of her and said: "I do no know which of these is your husband's!" "I know!" she exclaimed, and, hurrying forward, took the body of Saint Stephen in her arms. So it happened that she received the first martyr's body, thinking that it was her spouse's" (G.L. vol.II, p.42)



(1 - upper); "IVLI / ANA"
(2 - lower); "S : STEPHAN[US]"

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