Bay 8 - The Life of St Laurence

Panel 2 - Laurence is entrusted with the treasure

On the orders of Emperor Decius, Sixtus (centre, wearing mitre and pallium) is arrested and led away for torture and execution. His deacon, Laurence (right), begs Sixtus to let him share in the his martyrdom but Sixtus refuses - and prophesies instead that Laurence will follow him in 3 days. Sixtus gives the treasure entrusted to him by Philip (son of the late emperor) into Laurence's care to be dispensed to the poor.



Restoration notes:
This is one of the 12 panels in the lower section of this window which were created from scratch in 1848 by Étienne Thévenot to replace glass lost during the Huguenot remodelling of the radial chapels.