Bay 4 - The Last Judgement

Panel 13 - The weighing of the souls

Typical 'weighing of the souls' scene. St Michael holds the balance and the pan holding the soul of a good man rises up, despite the best efforts of Satan and one of his minions to drag it down. St Michael's posture is particularly elegant - the scales seem to weigh heavily in his left hand, while his right hand sweeps his cloak out of the way. Two souls awaiting judgement wait to either side.

As is often the way, the exact details of what is being weighed against what is somewhat fudged. From their reactions, it would appear that the naked figures to left and right of the main action are meant to be a righteous man and a sinner respectively, whose deeds (personified by the two heads shown in the balance pans) are being compared.

Tituli: None

Restoration notes: Restorer's label "G21" at top.