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Panel 01 - Jonah swallowed by the whale or the Apocalypse? (Relocated)
Normally described as Jonah swallowed by the whale, this scene clearly has rather more going. The blindfolded rider carrying two swords might be a personification of the destruction that Jonah is so reluctant to prophecy to the Ninehvites,Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Replica Watches or perhaps an even more unusual personification of the storm that led to Jonah being cast overboard. Neither of these interpretations seem terribly plausible however - and neither has any other obvious parallels or precedents. I am inclined to see this panel instead as being a fragment from a lost Apocalypse window, the creature lower left being the Leviathan of Revelation, or Hellmouth, rather than Jonah's whale. If this is the Apocalypse or Last Judgement however, it is unusual in showing the figure being cast into Hellmouth as clothed, rather than the more usual naked souls. Either way, this panel clearly does not belong with the others in this bay.